Cuántos años tiene norma duval

Cuántos años tiene norma duval

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Norma has appeared in several films, especially in ‘Préstame a tu mujer’ (1981), with Juan Luis Galiardo and Alfredo Landa and ‘La mujer del juez’ (1984) with Miki Molina and Héctor Alterio.
And more recently we saw her giving it all in the contest ‘Mask Singer’ of Antena 3, where she got into the ‘skin’ of a unicorn. And she gave a lot to talk about when she removed the mask and appeared with a very swollen face.
Two marriages and three childrenIn her personal life, not everything has been a bed of roses. With her first boyfriend, Jorge García Lago, an aristocratic millionaire she met in 1981, Norma went through hell. They got engaged and, to prepare for the wedding, the vedette moved into the house where he lived with his mother, as he suffered from myasthenia (severe muscle weakness). A month before the wedding, her mother reported her for breaking and entering. The case was dismissed, the engagement was broken off and Jorge died a few months later.
She found love again with the Croatian sportsman Marc Ostarcevic, whom she met in 1983. They had three sons, Marc Ivan (1984), Yelko (1986) and Christian (1994), but did not marry until February 10, 1992.

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As star guest Bertín Osborne brings Irma Soriano to the set where they have shared an emotional tribute to Rocío Jurado, with the collaboration of Erika Leiva, coinciding with the 15th anniversary of the artist’s death. Soccer player Joaquín was the surprise guest of the night.
With artists as popular as Los del Río, the program pays tribute to Rocío. They have told us, through personal photographs, some of the most important moments in their professional career, they have revealed some of the most unusual anecdotes and they have offered us a very flamenco performance.
Jaime Cantizano has been Bertín’s guest and has told anecdotes of his childhood and adolescence in which his vocation as a communicator was always present. In a night full of fun, Jaime even made his bed, facing a curious hobby.
Paz Padilla has been the guest of honor subjected to our peculiar «third degree», where she has shown her great sense of humor. The Cadiz living a very exciting and fun night, in addition to receiving a surprise visit from Omar Montes and Ana Mena.

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The singer comes to the defense of the TV presenter’s son, Augusto Algueró, after deciding that her mother should not receive visitors. She wants to be remembered as she was before suffering from Alzheimer’s.
The couple formed by Norma Duval and Mathias Kunt is going through one of its best moments. The vedette has declared in a magazine that «she feels like the matriarch» of a family of 8 children between Norma, Mathias and the two daughters of the late Carla Duval.
Numerous well-known faces at Carla Duval’s funeral; Amaia Salamanca moves to New York to study drama; Ekaterina and Álvaro de Marichalar travel to Siberia; and Luis Medina and Amanda Hearst break off their relationship.