Cayetana alvarez de toledo que se jodan

Cayetana alvarez de toledo que se jodan

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A.- Junqueras is a great cynic and a great hypocrite. Puigdemont knows it well. And his letter has absolutely arrogant paragraphs, as when he says that he will continue working so that all Catalans feel comfortable «whatever they think and wherever they come from». He, who has dedicated himself to crush the rights of the constitutionalist half. Now he says, or suggests, that he temporarily renounces to the unilateral way, yes, but it is a tactical retreat to rearm with the invaluable help of the PSOE. The problem is that socialism is willing to walk hand in hand with him in the second part of the ‘procés’, which starts now. And when the Sanchez way fails, which will fail, separatism will try to resume the unilateral way. What the socialists have done with the 1-O coup perpetrators deserves a place in the annals of political perfidy. They have made them preferential partners, they are going to pardon them despite their threats, they have compared them to Mandela. That is to say, they have called them political prisoners and, therefore, the State and the constitutionalists, repressors. It is a pitiful spectacle.

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The head of the PP list for Barcelona, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, has shown herself this Tuesday in favor of her formation to concur together with Ciudadanos «in certain circumscriptions» or for «the Senate» in the face of the next general elections of April 28.
Álvarez de Toledo has clarified that both parties should seek a pre-electoral union only for «certain constituencies» or for «the Senate» to «defend the Constitution» in one of the moments that he has described as «more serious» since 1978.  In his opinion, the current moment with the sovereignty challenge is even «more serious for the constitutional State than 23-F».
In addition, he defended his right to present himself in Barcelona, even if he does not speak Catalan, in the face of the «profound xenophobia» of the pro-independence supporters and their «foreigner project» of turning non-nationalists into foreigners.
And she has replied to the criticisms of the Minister of Territorial Policy, Meritxell Batet, for her candidacy recalling that she, who is Catalan, was on the lists of Madrid and no one found it «extravagant or outlandish».

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The former spokeswoman of the PP in the Congress, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, has charged hard against Pablo Casado after the party’s defeat in the Catalan elections of the last 14 February. In an interview with ‘El Mundo’, Álvarez de Toledo has described Casado’s strategy as «erratic», as she understands that with it he has left «disoriented voters, orphans and without sufficient reason» to vote for the PP.
Alvarez de Toledo does not blame Alejandro Fernandez, but Casado. «In my opinion, the candidate has not failed, the erratic strategy, deeply mistaken, of the national leadership has failed, which has left many disoriented voters orphaned, orphaned and without sufficient reason to vote for us.» He also criticizes Casado’s PP, and states that he does not understand why «they have wanted to resurrect Catalanism instead of strengthening constitutionalism. Why have they done so? For me it is a political and psychological mystery.»
The national spokesman of the PP, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has rejected these words of the former spokeswoman. Although he has admitted that the result obtained in Catalonia is «very bad» and that for this reason «it corresponds to analyze internally what the causes are and correct if necessary the course to obtain confidence of the Catalans».

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Los Álvarez de Toledo son una destacada familia aristocrática española que deriva de la nobleza mozárabe del siglo XII del Toledo posterior a la conquista. Posteriormente se convirtió en la familia aristocrática más influyente durante el Imperio Español (1492 – 1808).
Entre los muchos y famosos miembros de esta familia se encuentran Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, III Duque de Alba, considerado el mejor general de su época, conquistó Túnez y derrotó a Barbarroja, llegó a ser Gobernador de los Países Bajos y Virrey de Nápoles y Portugal, y Cayetana de Silva y Álvarez de Toledo, XIII Duquesa de Alba, musa del pintor Francisco de Goya.
Los Álvarez de Toledo casaron con otras casas europeas relevantes como las de Cosme de Médicis y los duques de Berwick, lo que les convirtió en parientes lejanos del conde Spencer y los duques de Marlborough.
En 1802, Cayetana de Silva y Álvarez de Toledo murió sin heredero y sus títulos fueron heredados por un pariente, Carlos Miguel Fitz-James Stuart. De este modo, el ducado de Alba pasó a la rama superior de la Casa Fitz-James Stuart, descendiente de Jacobo II y VII, rey de Inglaterra, Escocia e Irlanda, un monarca católico de la Casa Stuart.